RA Demo 2011

by RA

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Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Ryan Stack, July 2011 in Haverhill, MA


released July 10, 2011




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Arrest Records.
Triple B Records.

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Track Name: Erosion
I'm wasting away. Through the thick and thin, I've given all I've had to give. Shed this calloused skin, taken steps to learn how to live. This world is breaking down, Passed the point of no return. It's like walking on the sun, stacked against the odds, I'm pushing on. Torn apart, Decomposed, The Glue Won't hold. Fading fast, Drying out, what's left is just dust. Its a struggle every day, and it's a must that I grow. Killing time by counting days, wearing thin with all this rain. Every time I close my eyes all I see is misery. I got to try to find the time to defeat this agony. Sometimes I feel like giving up. The wind is blowing 9-5. The storm is nothing but a front. This world is eating me alive. But I know the worst has yet to come, it's a hard road but only fools take the easy way out.
Track Name: Untamed World
Living a life of uphill strides. No breaks, shortcuts, or free rides. There comes a point when you have to make a choice to sink or swim because we live in an Untamed World. Untamed World had you pinned from the start. Untamed World took what you love then ripped it apart. Untamed World won't let you get ahead. Untamed World would rather see you drop dead. You can only tread water for so long until you sink. In this world dreams turn to nightmares, hope is condemned, because there's no light in the end. No sugarcoating, I'm feeling myself choking on a future of endless misfortune.
Track Name: Severed Ties
What once was will never be the same. Exposed to the blind, through playing your games. As the page turns the final chapter begins. This is a battle that you'll never win. Compassion's fucking dead to me. I'm done sleeping through reality. I gotta pick it up. Severed Ties, Memories Faded, Lost Friendship, People turn jaded, Broken Bonds, Bullshit Lies, I hope you bleed fucking dry.
Track Name: Towing The Line
I've been towing the line all along, wake the fuck up!